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CLEAR Global is a nonprofit with headquarters in Garden City, Idaho, and offices in Nigeria and Bangladesh. The organization was founded in 2011 as Translators without Borders, before growing into CLEAR Global in June, 2022 to reflect the expansion of its language solutions and areas of work. CLEAR stands for community, language, engagement, accountability, and reach – concepts around which our organization, work, and ambition are founded.


We’re on a mission to help people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. Envisioning a more linguistically inclusive world, we started a movement. With Four Billion Conversations, we aim to help bridge the digital language divide, and include four billion people who speak marginalized languages into important global conversations that also affect them.


Our work is made possible thanks to our Translators without Borders Community. Over 100,000 people contribute their time and language skills to help our partner organizations better support people in need of information and assistance. CLEAR Tech and CLEAR Insights are also essential parts of our organization. Our language technology solutions are scalable, context-based, and multilingual, which enables us to reach more local communities, and address their various needs and concerns. CLEAR Insights’ research and language data are invaluable for better global communication, understanding, and collaboration.


Founded as Traducteurs

sans Frontières


Became Translators
without Borders


Grew into
CLEAR Global




TWB community members

Offices in

Ireland – Bangladesh – Nigeria – 
the Democratic Republic of Congo

Language support

We provide translation, revision, transcription, subtitling, and voice-over services in 200+ language pairs to provide information about various topics and in different contexts.

Language tech

We build multilingual conversational technology, such as chatbots and information kiosks, to help information distribution and two-way communication.

Language research

We study people’s communication and information needs, language distribution, and gaps to inform decision-making, program and service delivery, and crisis response.

Our work by the numbers

Machine translation

1 machine translation demo app for 7 languages
1 plain-text corpus
3 speech-to-text models
4 labeled speech corpora
4 machine translation models for 2 language pairs
10 parallel text corpora

Communication tools

1 multilingual AI-based information gateway
4 conversational chatbots

Language support

6 crisis response programs
600+ partners
23,900+ projects
92+ million translated words

Language data

13 language glossaries
69 language datasets
91 language maps


We rely on the support of our sponsors and donors to fund our efforts, as we aim to provide free language support and resources whenever possible to truly help improve two-way communication and humanitarian response. As we want to address other global challenges, such as climate change, health, and financial inclusion, we welcome major language and technology leaders to join our circles of support, and help us achieve our goal.


Everything we do has to be in line with our Code of Conduct and values – excellence, integrity, empowerment, innovation, sustainability, and tolerance. We have strict requirements when it comes to our partnership and sponsorship programs, just like we pay strong attention to our internal organization and teams.

People and culture

CLEAR Global hires people from around the world, who are all representatives of our core values and advocates of our mission. We foster a culture based on diversity and inclusion, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We promote open communication and tolerance, and encourage our teams to interact with and learn from each other whenever possible.

CLEAR Global
Leadership Team

Aimee Ansari, CEO, CLEAR Global

Aimee Ansari


Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO

Andrew Bredenkamp PhD.


Ellie Kemp

Head of Research, Evidence, and Advocacy

A photo of Gary Davis

Gary Davis

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Marianthi

Marianthi Eliodorou

Head of Human Resources

Stella Paris

Stella Paris

Chief Language Service Officer

Alyssa Boulares

Alyssa Boularès​

Head of International Programs

CLEAR Global
Board of Directors

Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO

Andrew Bredenkamp PhD.

Chair of the board

A photo of Oluwatoyin Adejumo

Oluwatoyin Adejumo

Board member

A photo of Dermot Carty

Dermot Carty

Board member

A photo of Magnus Conteh, holding a microphone

Magnus Conteh

Board member

A photo of Salvatore Giammarresi

Salvatore “Salvo” Giammarresi PhD.

Board member

A photo of of Francis Tsang

Francis Tsang

Board member

A photo of Donna Parrish Bredenkamp

Donna Parrish

Secretary, Board member

A photo of Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler

Board member

A photo of Saleh Khan

Saleh Khan

Governance Committee

A photo of of Lesley Anne Long

Lesley-Anne Long

Board member

A photo of Linda Ryan

Linda Ryan


Awards and acknowledgements

  • Taus’ Game-Changer Innovation Award 2018
    Kató Speak, the first voice translation memory system
  •’s Long Tail Language Competition Award 2021
    Best speech-to-text model for Kurmanji
  • Wikimedia Foundation Research Award 2021
    Masakhane, a grassroots NLP community for Africa, by Africans
  • AfricaNLP Workshop 2021 Best Papers Awards
    Congolese Swahili Machine Translation for Humanitarian Response
  • KTLC Growth Content Best Presentation Award 2021 – 2020:
    The Growth Gap Year at Translators without Borders
  • Think Global Awards Reimagining Culture 2022
    Community and Nonprofit Category

“Communication is a basic need that can help to save and protect lives.”

Editor, TC World


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Susan Mbalu

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