Türkiye - Syria Earthquake Emergency Language Support and Resources

Communicate more effectively with people affected by earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

Millions of people are affected by the earthquake, in areas of Türkiye and Syria where several million people have already been displaced from home. People need shelter, clothing, food, and information on where they can get support. In this linguistically diverse region, it is critical that people get information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

Multilingual resources for responders and affected people

Help people affected by the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes get critical information and support. Improve two-way communication and accountability with resources in relevant languages:

See our rapid overview of language issues – Türkiye-Syria earthquakes

Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

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View and download all of our multilingual resources for the Türkiye – Syria response

Available in Arabic, English, Farsi, Kurdish Kurmanji and Turkish.  

To meet people’s rapidly evolving needs, CLEAR Global launched the Emergency Community Translation Partnership program.

We support eligible nonprofits including local organizations, community groups, and individuals supporting people affected by the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes to get translation support in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish dialects and other relevant languages. Contact us to get translation support. 

People affected speak at least four languages, and international residents speak even more. All these people are at risk.

We need to ensure safety and protection information is available to all of them – whatever language they speak, wherever they go. Many host countries’ local organizations don’t have language capacity needed for effective humanitarian response.

But, you can help change this. 

Help us create more language data resources, train and mobilize more people, and provide better support to other organizations responding to the earthquake. 

"My wife doesn't speak Turkish, and I can't see very well."

– One man who was trying to identify missing relatives, as quoted by Reuters, BBC News.

Help remove language barriers for people affected by crisis.

How does your donation help?

Your contribution will help us:

  • Assess the needs and ensure that aid organizations have access to our services.
  • Do pro-bono translation for local organizations who are the first responders to people on the move,
  • Support local language service providers,
  • Translate key documents helping protect people by preventing sexual exploitation and abuse,
  • Get training materials and tips for field interpreters, and also develop and deliver online training.

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