Sponsor CLEAR Global

Do you want to be at the forefront of language research and AI-based language technology?

Do you want to help bridge the digital language divide and help reach four billion people?


CLEAR Global has launched a major initiative to overcome roadblocks hindering global progress.  We are looking for strategic supporters that share our vision and want to make a positive impact worldwide.


Four billion people can’t access information or communicate online in their language.

You can help change this.

Our Sponsorship program brings together key players from various sectors around a common mission – to help four billion people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

We are looking for supporters who understand and believe in our work. Supporters who can donate $25,000 or more to help us expand our activities and get on the next level to support more communities around the world.

Why should you become a CLEAR Global sponsor?

By becoming our sponsor, you will help scale programs and language technology solutions, so millions of people who speak marginalized languages can get a voice and critical, often life-changing information. You’ll become a crucial piece of our organization.

As our sponsor, your company will benefit from increased visibility, improved brand reputation, and association with a nonprofit advocating sociolinguistic diversity and inclusion. All of our sponsorship levels offer the following benefits:

  • brand recognition and appreciation within the language industry, humanitarian sector, and beyond,
  • purpose-driven investment as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy,
  • direct impact in the lives of millions of people who speak marginalized languages,
  • opportunity to position yourself as an expert and contribute to creating advanced language technology,
  • insights into language and communication data that can help you tailor your solutions, and reach more people,
  • in-house volunteer, training and development opportunities for your employees,
  • increased visibility through our online communication channels (website, email, social media), and
  • global impact through sponsor participation in initiatives that help change the communication landscape and improve people’s lives.

Who should become a CLEAR Global sponsor?

If your company is driven to:

  • make the internet work for everyone, whatever their language,
  • promote multilingual communication for global collaboration and development,
  • support advanced language AI solutions to improve people’s access to information, and
  • sustain the work of global teams, local partners, and community members.

Let’s get in touch to see how we can work together, and make this world more linguistically inclusive.

How else can my company help?

If you’re looking to help our work, you can make a larger donation. Your contribution will help fund specific projects, which we can also consider together. This kind of support is equally valuable and appreciated – projects are typically between $25,000 and $100,000.

Our sponsors

Our sponsors include companies and organizations from a range of industries. They all greatly contribute to our mission. We’re thankful to our Sapphire sponsors:

We also appreciate the support of our TWB Community sponsors. Learn more about them on the TWB website.