Four billion conversations about

forced displacement

At CLEAR Global, we help refugees and migrants get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

The problem: language barriers affect socioeconomic integration

  • As of 2022, over 100 million people were forced to flee their countries due to conflict, food insecurity, climate crisis or other emergencies.
  • Language barriers make it difficult for refugees and migrants to access work, education, essential support and services, such as healthcare and housing.
  • Host countries and aid organizations often lack language capacity and resources to better understand and help people seeking asylum.
“We made some magic here... island procedures are finally in a format that is accessible to everyone."
Partner in Greece/Words of Relief

CLEAR Global’s solution

CLEAR Global does research on people’s languages, information needs, and preferences. Our insights help create communication channels people are comfortable using to get information they trust and understand. This way, forcibly displaced people can access lifesaving resources adapted to their needs and situations.

In Greece, through our Words of Relief program, we worked with 20+ organizations, and trained 200+ staff and volunteers on cross-cultural communication. We translated 800,000+ words into at least eight languages to meet the information needs of as many refugees as possible.

In Bangladesh and Myanmar, we’ve been working with organizations supporting Rohingya people since 2017. We continue to provide language support and research to better inform humanitarian response and improve two-way communication.

In Ukraine, we rapidly mobilized our resources to help people forced to flee the country. We worked with 49 local and international organizations, in 276 urgent response projects that resulted in 1.5 million words translated into 35 languages.

In Latin America, we partnered with the International Organization for Migration in Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru to create Planeta Azul, a virtual assistant chatbot. The chatbot helped people get access to vital services and information at the US-Mexico border.

CLEAR Global needs your help to

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