A photo of Saleh Khan

Saleh Khan

Governance Committee

Saleh has deep expertise in developing institutional strategies and well-versed in policy design, organizational transformation, results-based management programming, and enhancing accountability in program delivery. He currently leads the financial inclusion team, and thematic workstream, at Universal Postal Union (UPU), to achieve outcomes expected by Member Countries. With a clear focus on evidence-based research and advocacy, successfully delivers multi-donor, multi-country, catalytic technical assistance projects that aim to deepen financial inclusion and accelerate digital transformation in postal financial services. Prior to UPU, he led global high-performance teams to solve complex strategic and operational problems faced by international organizations. Though a value-driven, co-creation approach, enabled public- and private-sector institutions, with global footprints and global-public-good outcomes, demonstrate the value of their work, reorient strategy, digitally transform, as well as ensure accountability and transparency towards their stakeholders. His in-country work experience includes: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Malawi, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Viet Nam, and USA.

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