CLEAR Global champions language inclusion for refugees on World Refugee Day

Garden City, ID, USA20 June 2023 – Refugees struggle with language barriers. Over 100 million people have been displaced worldwide, a staggering number. The need for inclusive language solutions has never been more pressing.


Aimee Ansari, CEO, CLEAR Global emphasizes the importance of language inclusion:

“Language is often overlooked. This means that language exclusion exacerbates the challenges faced by refugees. Today and everyday, we celebrate the resilience and strength of refugees. It is also a time to recommit to our work to ensure that all refugees have access to the information and services they need to rebuild their lives, in their language.” 


CLEAR Global’s recent projects in Ukraine, Bangladesh, Türkiye and Syria exemplify their commitment to supporting refugees worldwide.  CLEAR Global has translated 4.9 million words to assist displaced Ukrainians and created a free, multilingual language and communication toolkit. They have collaborated with the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (RSH) to enhance safeguarding efforts, and have put in place training programs like multilingual plain language training and self-guided interpreter training. Additionally, they have collaborated with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to develop Planeta Azul, a chatbot in Spanish that provides migrants and refugees with essential information about services provided by IOM.


Ellie Kemp, Head of Research, Evidence and Advocacy – CLEAR Global said:

“We believe that with access to information in their own languages, refugees are in a better position to make informed decisions, expand their opportunities, and actively participate in the conversations that are important to them. But gaps remain for millions of  marginalized language speakers.”


CLEAR Global’s impactful work is made possible by generous sponsors who provide in-kind sponsorship, financial support, and spreading the word about their initiatives. Sponsors benefit from increased visibility, improved brand reputation, and association with a leading nonprofit raising awareness of language diversity and advocating for language inclusion. Visit their website for more information.


About CLEAR Global 

CLEAR Global is a US nonprofit helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. 


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