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We at Yamagata Europe built QA Distiller for you to deliver high-quality translations free of charge. If you’d like to thank us, then, please, consider donating to a nonprofit that we’re proud to support.

CLEAR Global helps people get vital informatiQA Distiller logoon and be heard, whatever language they speak. They do so by providing language data resources, language technology, and language support to organizations helping people in a crisis. CLEAR Global’s ambition is to create a more linguistically inclusive digital space, so that everyone can get the information and take part in online conversations in their language.

Your donation can help:

  • millions of people access information they need and can understand,
  • build multilingual language technology, such as conversational AI chatbots, to provide people who speak marginalized languages with accurate and reliable health and safety information,
  • research sociocultural, information, and communication needs of those most affected by global issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts and climate change, 
  • provide language support and resources to local and international organizations, so they can better help people in need – and more!

Just between 2021 and 2022, CLEAR Global has:

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We outgrew our name.

CLEAR Global used to be called Translators without Borders. We’ve grown fast over the last five years, and that name no longer reflects all we do—but it still exists as our largest division and the core of our operation. Visit the TWB website here.