Previous Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreaks offer lessons for public health experts responding to the 11th outbreak. This review highlights that responders need to build more trust with the communities they serve. It suggests that language is fundamental to that.

The ninth, 10th and 11th outbreaks of Ebola virus disease have taken place in very rapid succession. Responders to the 11th outbreak need to incorporate lessons learned from previous outbreaks. TWB research and experience supporting risk communicators in outbreak response show they should pay special attention to building trust with communities.

The public health experts engaged in the 11th response will be able to draw on progress in treatment and vaccine development, but these advances will only be effective if communities accept them. This report alerts responders to the importance of language in building trust and effective communication with people facing Ebola and other epidemics. It’s organized in 3 sections, and you can view and download it here.