There are 62 ethno-linguistic groups covering five distinct language families in Thailand. According to the 2000 Census, 97% of the population speak Thai as one of their primary languages used at home. Many people in border districts are likely to speak languages other than Thai, including Burmese, Karen, and Malay. Thai sign language is used in Thailand. The maps, documents, and datasets below provide information about languages spoken throughout the country.

Other sources of language data

Language data allows humanitarian organizations to better understand the languages people speak and understand, leading to better programming and accountability. These data and maps were primarily supported by the H2H Fund, a funding mechanisms for H2H Network members. The fund is a rapid funding vehicle for network members responding to humanitarian crises.

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Maps and resources:

An interactive map representing the percentage of people by district that speak Thai as one of their primary languages spoken at home. Source: Thailand Population and Housing Census, 2000.