Communicating for trust – AAP and PSEAH in northeast  Nigeria

Accountability to affected people (AAP) is fundamental in humanitarian efforts. We aim to ensure that the voices and concerns of affected people are not only heard but also taken into account in decision-making.

In the context of northeast Nigeria, where conflict and displacement have created complex challenges, AAP is especially important.

This study found that:

– affected people in this region have varying levels of access to vital information, particularly concerning protection from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH) depending on their location and gender; 

– Understanding how PSEAH information is disseminated, reported, and acted upon is central to safeguarding vulnerable communities in this context;

– Effective communication, confidentiality, and the strategic use of technology are key components in addressing these issues and protecting vulnerable individuals. This is particularly true when it comes to conveying vital information in accessible languages and formats geared to the low literacy rates, especially among women, and language diversity of the affected people.

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