CLEAR Global welcomes Ludejo as a new Diamond sponsor

Garden City, ID, USA, September 8, 2022 – CLEAR Global is thrilled to announce that Ludejo, an innovative and fast-growing company specializing in a range of communication services, became our new Diamond sponsor.

Sharing our ambition to bridge communication gaps, Ludejo has been actively supporting CLEAR Global since 2017. To help our work, they have run yearly fundraising campaigns during important industry events, such as GALA and EUATC. Today, thanks to the company’s successful business, Ludejo has decided to do more.

Malon Hamoen, Ludejo’s CEO explains, “I believe – and my team is completely behind this – in giving. Even, or perhaps especially, in difficult times. When you give, something keeps flowing. Giving provides confidence in a hopeful future for everyone. Ludejo is the company I established on a foundation of love. We are grateful to be in a position to support CLEAR Global financially. We will continue to support CLEAR Global with our time and our talents.”

“Ludejo is one of our most valued sponsors. They consistently support our work, raise awareness, and advocate. And they do it in the most fun and creative ways. Their business model – prioritizing community support over profit – is truly inspiring, and I hope will one day be the norm,” said Aimee Ansari, CLEAR Global’s CEO.

As CLEAR Global’s Diamond sponsor, Ludejo confirms their commitment to making information access more inclusive. The sponsorship also strengthens cross-industrial collaboration for multilingual communication and dialogue.

About CLEAR Global

CLEAR Global is a nonprofit helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. With innovative language technology solutions, research, and a community of over 100,000 people, CLEAR Global supports partner organizations working in various contexts around the world. CLEAR Global is set to improve global communication and information access for marginalized people.

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About Ludejo

Ludejo is a fast-growing Dutch company founded in 2017. Ludejo has been offering a wide range of communication services, such as translation, copywriting and editing, technical documentation, and graphic design. Ludejo’s vision is to make information and knowledge available to, and understood by, everyone regardless of location, language field, educational level and culture.

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