Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships Director

CLEAR Global is a dynamic, innovative organization, led by women, and passionate about using language and language technology to help overcome injustice globally. Read more here.

We are looking for a fundraising professional to lead our efforts to expand our work, reporting to the CEO and helping the Leadership team, Board, and Fundraising team deliver on our mission.

This is the right job for you, if you:

Know how to successfully identify and develop high-value partnerships:

  • You have a history of fundraising, sales, and/or marketing; this is your passion. 
  • You want to build and develop strategic relationships – and help others to do so.
  • You are passionate about our mission.
Our team - advocacy work in Kenya

Love teamwork – and leading teams:

  • You’re comfortable working with remote and globally distributed teams.
  • You have experience in managing a team to achieve their goals.
  • You’re good at creating and managing relationships with people from diverse areas of expertise.
  • You can collaborate to set measurable goals and achieve them.

Keep things simple:

  • You can untangle complex services, and quickly move conversations. 
  • You can develop timely, accurate, simple, and clear metrics and reporting.
  • You can evaluate trends, particularly in income, and translate data and insights into solutions that address real-world problems.

Value learning:

  • You take an analytical, data-driven approach to problem solving, working with team members around the world to support people to get information and be heard.
  • You’re curious and you want to understand why systems are cumbersome — and how to make them better.
  • You’re eager to collaborate and learn new systems and platforms like HubSpot, Asana, and beyond.

Are driven and self-motivated:

  • You are happy to set your own goals that contribute to the overall goals. 
  • You strive to reach beyond your targets.
  • You can find motivation and proactively seek input, advice and new ideas.


  • You build strong and trusting relationships.
  • You have a good understanding of data privacy issues (GDPR and beyond).
  • You’re hands on and willing to do what is needed to help the team.
  • You care about social issues — these are the problems you want to solve.

Watch the video below from our CEO, Aimee Ansari, to find out more about what she thinks is important for the successful candidate. You can also play it here.

A bit of background

CLEAR Global has three funding streams:

  • income from the language and language technology services we provide to other nonprofit organizations,
  • income from institutional donors (often called restricted funding), and
  • income from individual donors and corporate sponsors.


We have talented and motivated teams ably managing each of these streams. The team is energetic and innovative and needs someone to support their ideas, skills and development.

The successful candidate will help the organization do what we cannot do without you – invest in developing the partnerships we need to take the organization to the next level and really scale our work – for example our work in India to help farmers get multilingual information to improve their ability to adapt to climate change. 

And, as a part of the Leadership team, you’ll help steer the organization to success, orchestrating (and, to be honest, mentoring and coaching) the Leadership, Board, and others to develop the partnerships we need.