CLEAR Global launches Kompas, an information gateway for Ukraine

Boise, USA—31 August 2023 – CLEAR Global announced the launch of Kompas, a multilingual information gateway for people affected by the war in Ukraine. CLEAR Global has developed Kompas with the support of Mercy Corps and USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), building on a previous project supported by Oxfam and the Disaster Emergency Committee.

Aimee Ansari, CEO, CLEAR Global on the launch of Kompas:

“We are thrilled to introduce Kompas, a game-changer for those impacted by the Ukraine war. The lack of reliable local information has deepened challenges in information access. For refugees, displaced people, and aid workers, information isn’t just important – it’s a lifeline.”

With over 5 million internally displaced people (IDPs) from Ukraine (IOM), it is now more difficult than ever to find accurate information amid a flood of fragmented sources, conflicting instructions, and outdated data. CLEAR Global recognizes this challenge and is launching Kompas, a platform that is redefining how people in Ukraine access vital information.

Wieteke Daniels, Mercy Corps Ukraine Humanitarian Programs Lead:

“Timely and accurate information-sharing is a critical component of protecting the most vulnerable populations in a crisis. Mercy Corps works through partners like CLEAR Global to ensure that information sources are personalized to meet the needs of communities in accessing legal advice, psychosocial support, housing, and other services. By deploying artificial intelligence-based solutions, such as Kompas, we strengthen digital access to information for vulnerable Ukrainians so they can make informed decisions about their situations and next moves.” 

Kompas provides users with access to reliable, up-to-date information from trusted sources in multiple languages. It leverages natural language processing (NLP) to curate and verify information. Through user feedback, the NLP model continues to improve, ensuring the system’s accuracy and utility. It has a dynamic query interface that makes it easy for users to receive location-specific and topic-relevant search results. Other features include accessibility features for the visually impaired, and the ability to report inaccurate or harmful information. Kompas also directs users to primary sources of information, easing any anxiety about competition for user traffic. It helps them get more users and the users benefit as well.

Hassan Mohanna, Program Manager, Digital Community Engagement – CLEAR Global said:

“Kompas is a win-win for people affected and aid workers in Ukraine. It’s user-friendly and guides users to the information they need with less time and effort. It’s an urgent solution that we’ve been waiting for.”

Kompas is now available at

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