MT Rwanda – Pushing Forward Language Tech in Kinyarwanda

Students around a workstation

Our mission in “MT Rwanda” was nothing short of groundbreaking: to boost open-source machine translation (MT) for impact in Kinyarwanda. This Rwandan language is spoken by millions and is central to the culture and identity of the nation.

Beyond customer support: Saving lives with chatbots

Worldwide, people turn to chatbots for fast customer support. At CLEAR Global, we are using chatbots to increase our social impact. Our chatbots help people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

Language as a key for effective Ukraine crisis response

In the context of a crisis, aid agencies and governments need to understand the importance of language and communicate across borders to ensure proper refugee and local people protection and safety. Everyone directly affected needs information that will help them better adapt to the changing context.