Translators without Borders (TWB) is a global community of linguists helping everyone give and receive information, no matter what language they speak.

People who speak marginalized languages often lack critical information in their language. Our community of over 80,000 linguists donate their time and skills to translate critical information for millions of people around the world, so everyone has the information they need and want.

“It is both amazing and also very comforting and inspiring to see people donate their time and skills to defend the principles of action and the ideas of humanitarian assistance.”

Field Manager for Doctors without Borders

The lack of translated information

Speakers of marginalized languages are often less able to access information that they need and want in a
language they understand. They may not be able to find information about health, learning, or their rights.

Nonprofits and other global organizations may lack the expertise or funding to communicate with people who
speak these languages. They may struggle to find translators working in these languages, or try to rely on local
staff members for translation, leading to less credible information, and overworked staff.
There is a need to match humanitarian and nonprofit organizations with professional translators all over the
world. That’s where Translators without Borders comes in.

A global community of linguists

Our community of linguists donates over 20 million words per year. They translate information for organizations
all over the world, working in over 200 languages—from Amharic to Zulu.

We plan to continue growing and supporting our community of linguists. We’re building communities of
translators in critical languages, supporting new linguists in their professional growth and network. We’re
enhancing our language technology, improving our platform and incorporating new language technology to give
our community the tools they need to succeed. And we’re continuing to partner with nonprofit organizations all
over the world to connect linguists and their skills with people in need of information.

You can help

You can support our Translators without Borders community through donation, sponsorship, or by using your skills as a linguist.
Become part of the global community by visiting the TWB website below.