CLEAR Tech will revolutionize multilingual communication.

Communication and information access is unequal. Information isn’t available in many marginalized languages.
These are the languages of people with very little power, money or influence on the world stage. In other words, the
people who most need information can’t get it. With your support, we build innovative and scalable language
technology, so everyone has a voice.

“Communication is a basic need that can help to save and protect lives.”

Editor, TC World

The language gap problem

We used to talk about the digital divide. But now we’re seeing the language divide – the gap between people who
speak languages with commercial and global power and those who speak languages with less power. That gap
widens every day.

People who speak the languages of power rarely struggle to find information in their language. And robust
language technology enables new information to be translated efficiently and often.
But for people who don’t speak the languages of power, the information they need often isn’t available. The language technology to create new information doesn’t exist. This discrepancy leads to an information gap that
widens exponentially.
The need is urgent, and we need your help.

The language technology solution

We have years of experience building language technology for languages with few technology resources. We’ve
built multilingual COVID-19 chatbots in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Central America,
developed translation resources for nearly 100 languages, and built a machine translation engine in Levantine
Arabic to address food insecurity.

We have a plan to engage with the 4 billion people who don’t speak the languages of power, in a language they
understand. We’re partnering with local technology organizations to develop scalable solutions that fit the
people, place, and problem. We’re working with global technology leaders to develop simple, smart, scalable
solutions. And we’re looking for your support to build more equitable communication solutions through
sponsorship, technology development, and new ideas.

You can help

Language technology development is a critical but often overlooked aspect of building a more connected and equitable world. Your support can have a scalable impact, reaching more people, in more places, with more languages.
Become part of the global communication solution by contacting us below. We’ll be in touch soon.