When over a million refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan fled to Greece in 2015 – we were there.

When over 1.1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar fled to Bangladesh in 2017 – we were there.

When over six million refugees from Ukraine fled to neighboring countries in 2022 – we were there.

Just like we are there for more than two million internally displaced people in northeast Nigeria. For over four million refugees from Venezuela. And for many other people forced to leave their homes to escape war, violence or disasters.

And we’re still here. We’re helping refugees around the world get lifesaving information in a language and format they understand. We’re helping humanitarian and other organizations communicate with refugees and better respond to their needs – thanks to you.

Some of the ways we assist refugees and helping organizations:

  • multi-format language support for improved two-way communication,
  • language tools, such as chatbots and glossaries,
  • resources on protection against sexual violence and abuse (PSEA), child safeguarding, and more,
  • translator and interpreter training,
  • educational materials on language, sociolinguistic diversity, and cultural sensitivity,
  • language working groups,
  • language, communication, and information needs assessment,
  • language data and maps, and more.

This World Refugee Day, show your compassion and solidarity. Almost million people are trying to start a new life away from home. Help them get information and support which will enable them to do just that – and more.

Donate today.

We outgrew our name.

CLEAR Global used to be called Translators without Borders. We’ve grown fast over the last five years, and that name no longer reflects all we do—but it still exists as our largest division and the core of our operation. Visit the TWB website here.