Finding the right words: PSEAH terminology testing in Dohuk and Kirkuk, Iraq

In partnership with the International Organization for Migration, we developed a glossary of terms on preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in three Kurdish dialects: Sorani, Badini, and Kurmanji. As part of the glossary development, CLEAR Global and IOM conducted focus group discussions (FGDs) to test comprehension of sensitive and potentially confusing PSEAH-related terms. FGDs […]

PSEA recommendations: Language issues for safeguarding

TWB’s research shows that a language sensitive response to Ebola outbreaks could improve understanding and trust in key messages. It will enhance the accessibility of RCCE and AAP mechanisms, including the reporting of SEAH and support to survivors. Learning from the outbreak in DRC, TWB would recommend the actions to take as part of protection […]

Translating information to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse

Sexual exploitation and abuse continue to occur in humanitarian contexts worldwide. We believe that language can help prevent it. Preventing abuse starts by making the rules on sexual conduct clear and available in languages people can understand, so everyone knows what is acceptable. The international humanitarian world’s coordination body, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), developed […]