A framework for the ethical use of advanced data science methods in the humanitarian sector

This framework is designed to highlight key ethical considerations, and to provide a practical guide for exploring or implementing advanced data science methods to support humanitarian outcomes. It serves to help humanitarian work stakeholders, and other private and civil actors learn how to ethically and responsibly use advanced data science methods in humanitarian work. View […]

TWB glossary for WFP Community Engagement

The TWB glossary for WFP Community Engagement covers subject areas relevant to affected communities in a variety of contexts and includes a total of 216 terms in English, Arabic, Chewa, French, Portuguese, Sinhala, Spanish, Congolese Swahili and Tamil. Sign translations are also available in Malawian Sign Language and Sri Lanka Sign Languages (Sinhala and Tamil […]

Words of Relief – Local language translation for emergencies

This study is one in a series of fifteen case studies on successful innovation, undertaken by ALNAP in partnership with ELRHA’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), exploring the dynamics of successful innovation processes in humanitarian action. They examine what good practice in humanitarian innovation looks like, what approaches and tools organizations have used to innovate in […]