Portée et efficacité de la communication sur la Coronavirus (en FR, LN, SW, NNB)

TWB et Mercy Corps ont menée cette étude qui porte sur la COVID-19 / le Coronavirus et sur les informations que le public reçoit sur ce virus. Elle vise à comprendre si les informations sur le Coronavirus sont utiles aux personnes, si elles ont accès à ces informations et si elles manquent d’informations.   (Disponible […]

Language diversity in the COVID-19 pandemic

People have a right to access the information they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet often that information is not available in languages and formats they understand. COVID-19 is rapidly expanding in linguistically diverse countries. Organizations supporting the response need to develop communication strategies that cater to the needs of marginalized language speakers in these […]

Words of Relief impact study of rural and urban Kenyans

Does translated health information lead to higher comprehension? We conducted a research study to examine the level of comprehension of health information when presented to Kenyans in English and translated into Swahili. You can view it our impact study of rural and urban Kenyans here. Other resources that might interest you: Words of Relief – […]