TWB’s annual report 2015-2016

The Translators without Borders annual report for the period between April 2015 and March 2016 explains the work that was done to achieve the organizational goals for the reporting period. You can view it here.

The power of communication in the right language

TWB works with communities, translators, and technology companies around the world to make information in the right languages widely and openly available. Information and communication in the right language empower individuals and saves lives. Other resources that might interest you: TWB general factsheet Translators without Borders European refugee response (factsheet) Information without understanding, rights without meaning (position […]

Translators without Borders European refugee response

Translators without Borders launched its European refugee response in October 2015, working through partners to provide those arriving in Greece, and transiting to other European countries, with vital information in a language and format they can understand and use. This factsheet summarizes the Translators without Borders European refugee response. Download our “Crisis of language in Europe” […]

The Translators without Borders Words of Relief program in Greece

This video is about TWB’s European refugee response and shows the vital work done in collaboration with humanitarian partners, to help refugees and migrants in need of assistance in a language they understand. Other resources you might be interested in: Putting language on the map of the European refugee crisis (language assessment) Language and comprehension barriers in […]

TWB’s annual report 2016-2017

The 2017 fiscal year was a remarkable year of growth for Translators without Borders. The qualities that we hold high as an organization such as innovation, professionalism, and creativity, were strongly reflected in our programming. We are proud to share our annual report for the period April 2016 to March 2017 with highlights of our […]