Words of Relief impact study of rural and urban Kenyans

Does translated health information lead to higher comprehension? We conducted a research study to examine the level of comprehension of health information when presented to Kenyans in English and translated into Swahili. You can view it our impact study of rural and urban Kenyans here. Other resources that might interest you: Words of Relief – […]

Words of Relief – Ebola crisis learning review

This learning review examines TWB’ initiative aimed at improving communication with communities during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa from November 2014 to February 2015, with examples of good practice, gaps, and suggestions for improvement. You can view it below or read and download our Ebola crisis learning review here.   Other resources that might […]

Words of Relief – Local language translation for emergencies

This study is one in a series of fifteen case studies on successful innovation, undertaken by ALNAP in partnership with ELRHA’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), exploring the dynamics of successful innovation processes in humanitarian action. They examine what good practice in humanitarian innovation looks like, what approaches and tools organizations have used to innovate in […]

TWB’s annual report 2015-2016

The Translators without Borders annual report for the period between April 2015 and March 2016 explains the work that was done to achieve the organizational goals for the reporting period. You can view it here.