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You will help build language technology solutions, so people who speak marginalized languages can get the information they need in their language.

We’re actively working in the areas around climate change, forced displacement, public health, and women’s reproductive health and rights. Here’s some of the things we did in 2022:

  • Public health: We relaunched Shehu, a chatbot providing COVID-19 vaccination information in three languages through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to ensure people in northeast Nigeria get accurate and reliable information.
  • Climate change: We built the initial version of TILES, the AI powered, voice-enabled information kiosk that will be deployed in the Bihar region in India to answer questions in Hindi on sustainable farming topics.
  • Forced displacement: We conducted user needs assessments, and built a demo app to help people who fled Ukraine to Munich get information in their language.

Read more about our 2022 achievements to see how your charitable gift can make a difference.

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We outgrew our name.

CLEAR Global used to be called Translators without Borders. We’ve grown fast over the last five years, and that name no longer reflects all we do—but it still exists as our largest division and the core of our operation. Visit the TWB website here.